Posted April 1st, 2022

What Qualities Make a Good Dental Assistant in Waco?

Do you have the qualities that make a good dental assistant? If you answered no, don’t worry. You can build a foundation of important qualities while you attend the dental assistant program at Waco Dental Assistant School. We help students like you hone your qualities, knowledge, and skills, so you are prepared for entry-level positions as dental assistants in Waco. So, which qualities make a good dental assistant?

  • Quality #1: Empathy

  • We understand that going to the dentist can be stressful for some patients. That is why at Waco Dental Assistant School we instill empathy in you so that you can empathize with the patient. We help you think about how the patient must feel during this anxious time. As a dental assistant in Waco, you can offer a patient a smile or kind word to show them that you care and understand their situation. This will allow the patient to feel a little more comfortable.

  • Quality #2: Reliability

  • At Waco Dental Assistant School, we understand that as a dental assistant, you are the backbone of the dental practice. The dental staff is looking to you to properly keep track of dental procedures, treat patients with respect, and hand the right instruments to the dentist during a procedure, so the dental practice can get paid for their services. All of this will help you keep the or Waco community returning to the dental practice and keeping their smiles happy and healthy.

  • Quality #3: Consistency

  • At Waco Dental Assistant School, we teach our students that the same dental services must be offered to patients regardless of their situation or the patient’s background, economic status, or other individual characteristics. We understand that our community in Waco is diverse. However, being consistent with all patients will allow them to trust your decisions and know that you care about your patients in the Waco community.

  • Quality #4: Being Observant

  • A patient may not always verbalize what they are feeling. So, at Waco Dental Assistant School we teach you to communicate better and be more observant. Whether it is verbal communication or body language, it is important to understand what the patient is feeling and how you can help keep them feel more comfortable.

  • Quality #5: Patience

  • You will find during your schooling at Waco Dental Assistant School that some dental procedures can take hours. Good dentistry can take time and it is unwise to hurry a procedure or put the patient into an unsafe situation. At Waco Dental Assistant School, we instill patience in our dental assistant students, so they create a safe and comfortable space for all patients.

  • Quality #5: Confidence

  • If you are not confident, the patient will notice. At Waco Dental Assistant School we instill confidence in everything our dental assistant students do by building a firm foundation and knowledge of dental assisting. This gives them the confidence to make decisions that help the patient stay calm during a stressful situation. Want to learn more about these qualities? Waco Dental Assistant School offers a certification in dental assisting that will prepare you in as little as 9 weeks to start working as a dental assistant in Waco. Contact us at Waco Dental Assistant School to learn more about a rewarding career as a dental assistant.

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